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Meet The Team


Professor Keith Rogers

Keith is a Professor of Materials and Medical Sciences and Cranfield University. He is an internationally recognised expert in X-ray diffraction and has more than 35 years experience in the development of tools for data interpretation and the analysis of a wide range of material systems using diffraction methods.  He is responsible for the X-ray scattering group at Cranfield University and runs the comprehensive materials characterisation laboratories within the Centre. 


Professor Iain Lyburn

Iain is a clinical research Professor and senior consultant radiologist for Gloucester shire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Medical Director of “The Cheltenham Imaging Centre”. He is also the lead for molecular imaging and research at the Cobalt Imaging Centre and delivered the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture in 2011. He maintains an active research portfolio (60 publications) with particular interests in musculo-skeletal and cross sectional radiology.


Professor Paul Evans

Paul Evans is a Royal Society Wolfson Fellow & Distinguished Professor of Applied Imaging Science and Head of the Imaging Science Group. He is the Prime and Principal Investigator for a $5 million programme of research to develop 3D material specific X-ray scanners. This work combines the two primary but discrete fields that evolved and developed disparately from the discovery of X-rays i.e. radiography and crystallography.

Professor Evans is a Chartered Engineer, CEng and a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, FIET.

He is founder and CTO of HALO X-ray Technologies Ltd.


Dr Simon Godber

Simon has over 23 years experience in the aviation security industry. He was previously a founder-member of Image Scan Holdings plc (established 1996) and was Chief Technology Officer when the company was floated on the AIM stock market in 2001. Simon ran his own company after leaving Image Scan in 2007 and until HXT was formed in 2012. He has direct experience of transitioning academic research to commercial products and will use this to build a suitable development team at HXT. Simon has been the main liaison with commercial companies interested in HXT technology.


Dr Matt Wilson

Matt is Group Leader of the Detector Development Group, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. He has over 10 years’ experience in developing and exploiting novel X-ray detectors, with over 50 publications. Matt has delivered CZT and scintillator based detector systems for a range of applications including material science, solar and astrophysics, security screening and medical imaging.


Dr Farid Elarnaut

Farid is a Senior Research Fellow in FCG X-ray Tomography at Nottingham Trent University. His research focuses on investigating and developing new X-ray 3D imaging sampling techniques related to medical and security research. Farid's field of expertise lies within conical shell tomography employing  sporadic sampling.

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Dr Danae Prokopiou

Danae is a Senior Research Associate in Modelling and SImulation at Cranfield University. Her research interests focus on the development of novel X-ray diffraction and imaging techniques that could be employed in diagnostic medicine i.e. fracture prediction or even aviation security as security screening systems. Currently, Danae is working on simulating experimental setups for PICUP and informing the design and testing of the pre-prototype system.


Dr Anthony Dicken

Anthony has over 10 years experience in material science and tomographic imaging, the latter 8 of which have been spent developing X-ray diffraction imaging systems. The scope of these systems have been diverse, including explosive detection systems for airport security to the development of diagnostic probes for the medical sector. Anthony is involved in the entire R&D effort from concept, modelling, experimental, coding, data mining and delivery. 

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